We help you get paid

more per tax client. 

Our platform matches every tax client with the perfect price and guaranteed higher margins.

Endorsed by some of the most-recognized names in the industry.

Over 97% of small tax firms report undercharging clients every tax season.

We know what the top 3% of small practices do differently, that allows them to charge a minimum of $89/month for individuals and $399/month for businesses.

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Our Revenue Automation Platform Includes Everything You Need To 2-5x Your Client Fees

1. 15+ Hours of On-Demand Training

  • Service Bundles Training with simple workflows for any client scenario
  • Pricing, Discovery, Proposals Training
  • Onboarding & Delivery Training

2. Custom Tools

  • Pre-Built Service Packages for Businesses & Individuals
  • Optimized Pricing & Proposal Tools
  • Client Onboarding & Delivery Tools
  • And more!

3. Strategic Advisory Blueprint

  • Step-by-step advisory services frameworks
  • Built for business & individual clients
  • Advisory Services Certification
  • Guarantee strategic results for clients you work with
  • Offer pre-built advisory packages at 5-10x the average tax prep fee


4. Mentorship & Support by Experts

  • Live Implementation Session Every month
  • Blueprint for building a Rockstar Team
  • Book 5 Clients in 2 Weeks Program
  • Access to our fulfillment network for help with overflow returns or admin support

Explore our Revenue Automation platform

We have built the ultimate platform for tax & accounting professionals looking to grow a profitable advisory business.

More than 1,200 tax firms across the US

have trusted SmartPath in the last 13 years.

Case Study: Soloway Advisory

Results: We allowed them to focus on the areas of the business that are the biggest revenue makers and implement processes that enabled them to realize the most efficient workflows at the highest profit levels.

“We have worked with numerous consultants in the past, but no one seems to truly understand our “accounting” business the way William does. I would fully recommend SmartPath and would remain available to speak personally to endorse their process.”

David Soloway, Soloway Advisory Port Jefferson Station, NY

Case Study: Garden Leaf Financial

Results: Fred was able to hire key employees and significantly decrease the amount of time he spends working during tax season. At the same time, he increased his total revenue & take-home pay and identified a new niche of clients he can provide value to.

“It would have taken years for me to implement what SmartPath helped me do in weeks. Myself and Andrea are about to take an 18-day vacation to Paris & Europe, right before tax season. That would have never been possible in the past before the SmartPath training.”

Fred Gartenlaub, EA, CFP Garden Leaf Financial | Mason, OH

Case Study: Jamie O’Kane, CPA

Results: Jamie was able to get a clear picture of the structure of her packages and most of her website content. Most importantly she got the confidence that by implementing value-based billing she would lean into her purpose and goals and help her clients do the same.

“We have worked with numerous consultants in the past, but no one seems to truly understand our “accounting” business the way William does. I would fully recommend SmartPath and would remain available to speak personally to endorse their process.”

Jamie O’Kane, CPA, Denver, CO

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    • 180+ templates
    • 15+ hrs of training
    • 1-on-1 Implementation calls

    SmartPath Results


    Firms Helped




    Average Rev. per Individual Client


    Average Rev. Per Business Client

    SmartPath Is Here For You

    Take Back Control of your Tax Practice

    Increase your revenue per client

    Increase your average revenue per client by 5x for individuals and 10x for business clients.

    Make proposal creation a breeze

    Create proposals that convert every time with ease, without needing to create elements from scratch.

    Make free consultations fun

    Make your free consultation meetings fun and easy to execute with our 3-step framework.

    Increase your referrals

    Drive word-of-mouth and bring in even more clients by enhancing your practice’s reputation in your community.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long does it take to see results?

    7-14 days. As soon as you become a member you gain unlimited access to pre-built components where 95% of the work is already done for you. You can customize our templates, use the pricing calculators, and start engaging new or existing clients within the first week.

    Will this work for my practice?

    Yes, guaranteed. All SmartPath methods and materials have been proven and tested with over 1,000 firms across all 50 states. You’ll learn exactly what to customize in your process to get the results you want without the guesswork.

    When should I get started?

    The sooner you start, the sooner you can increase your monthly cash flow and begin eliminating friction and stress in your practice.  We help you jump-start your results at all times of the year (including tax season!). Don’t keep waiting, giving away your time and expertise for free, and working with clients you don’t enjoy. The perfect time to start is today.

    What happens when I sign up?

    You’ll gain immediate access to all tools, templates, and training through the SmartPath Portal. You’ll also receive an email to schedule your free Concierge Kick-off Call with an implementation expert. During that call we’ll spend 30-60 minutes with you answering any questions and ensure you have everything you need to start seeing results right away.

    Can I change my plan?

    Yes. We don’t believe in long-term contracts. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership level at any time. Just email us (support@smartpath.co) and we’ll take care of it for you.

    Can my staff be involved?

    Absolutely! Your membership includes access for your firm. If you need to add other staff or managers to the training portal, just let us know during your kick-off call and we create logins for them.

    Increase Your Monthly Cash Flow with SmartPath!

    You deserve to enjoy your work and create meaningful relationships with clients while getting paid for your knowledge.

    William Hamilton

    SmartPath boosts profits for small Tax & Accounting firms. We provide tools that target higher-paying clients and unlock firm productivity by moving to a simple subscription pricing model.

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