Life’s easier when you’re smart.

Life’s easier when you’re smart.

We exist to make life easier for tax pros. 

Tax & Accounting Professionals are some of the most helpful people on the planet.

You’re the person clients want to talk to when they get married, buy a house, have a baby, win the lotto, get divorced, or lose someone they care about.

You are always there to help and your clients trust you with their money.

But making money doing what you do, is getting harder as time goes on.

The media is telling you your job will eventually be taken over by robots. Every year tax law changes, reverts, and changes again (often during the busiest time of the year). The IRS wants you to be the scapegoat for their shortfalls. And clients need help answering questions that are more complex than ever.

You probably got into this business because you’re already smart, good with numbers, and wanted to help people.

You help more than almost any other professional in your client’s life but often don’t charge for it and are left dealing with the stress.

The good news is you can be paid what you’re worth & soothe the pain of running your practice if you focus on the right things.

Running a small tax & accounting firm needs an update.
A renovation that creates a smarter, easier way to do things.

We’ve been helping small firms increase their monthly revenue and simplify their client work for over 12 years. We built SmartPath membership to give you all the proven tools you need with 95% of the work already done for you.

By joining SmartPath you don’t have to start from scratch. You can copy-paste what we’ve already created and tested. Then get back to helping the clients you care about.

We built SmartPath for you. We hope you give it a try and see if membership is the shortcut you’ve been looking for.

William Hamilton

Join the thousands of tax and accounting firms who have grown their revenue while helping their clients.

Join the thousands of tax and accounting firms who have grown their revenue while helping their clients.

Tax & Accounting firms struggle to get paid for their strategic help, billing clients for busy work while giving their knowledge and expertise away for free. A SmartPath membership provides you the training, tools, and support you need to get paid for advising clients while stabilizing monthly revenue for their firm.



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With a SmartPath Membership for your tax & accounting firm, you get the training, tools, and templates you need to remove friction from your client engagements so you can stress less and be fairly paid.

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