About Us-

If you’re a tax pro, you’re one of the most helpful people on the planet.

You’re the person clients to talk to whenever something big happens:

  • They get married or divorced
  • Buy a house or win the lotto
  • Have a baby or lose someone they care about

You are always there to help and your clients trust you.

But running a profitable tax & accounting firm is getting harder as time goes on.

  • The media says robots will take over your jobs (wrong).
  • Every year tax law changes & reverts (during the busiest time of the year).
  • The IRS wants you to be the scapegoat for their shortfalls (‘nuff said).
  • And clients need help answering questions that are more complex than ever (facts).
Pricing & fee schedules for small firms need an update.

A renovation that creates a smarter, easier, more profitable way to do things.
14 years ago we created the frameworks the SmartPath Engage Software.

We’ve helped 1,000’s of firms perfect their pricing over that time.

We saw a repeatable pattern for how any firm can do it. So we built a solution

You deserve to get paid for ALL your work.

By using SmartPath Engage, you can price clients right, with 99% of the work already done. This saves you time and effort, so that you can get back to helping the clients you care about.

We built Engage software exclusively for you. We hope you give it a try.



 Will Hamilton

Founder, SmartPath.co

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