SmartPath is now part of the SmartVault Family!

1. Why did SmartVault acquire SmartPath?


The acquisition of SmartPath provides an opportunity for SmartVault to accelerate its support for a meaningful Client Advisory Services offering to the market, as well as a proven way for firms to collect revenue for services that often go unbilled. This partnership gives SmartPath access to SmartVault’s channel of thousands of accounting firms that are looking to increase their overall profitability while also transitioning their firm into Advisory services. There is a real need in the market for a solution that gives tax and accounting professionals the tools they need to offer, and be fairly paid, for their services. Clients have an increasing appetite for strategic advice, and firms need to grow profits. SmartPath is uniquely positioned to solve both of these issues, helping firms optimize pricing while also transitioning into a wider range of Advisory services. <Link to PR>  

For current SmartPath customers 

2. What changes can I expect in the product? 

SmartPath will continue investing in features and capabilities that add value to our customers and their overall experience. For an updated list of features currently in development, visit coming features page.

3. Will there be changes in the way I receive support? 

No. SmartPath customers will continue utilizing existing support channels (email, chat and expert implementation support.)

4. Will my price change? Will my billing change?

No. If you have renewed your annual subscription, your price will not change during the contracted term. You will be billed as usual and should experience no changes in the way you are invoiced or billed for this subscription term. You will be notified in advance of any changes in the way you are invoiced or currently pay for the SmartPath service. 

5. I receive Implementation help from Will Hamilton and his team, will that change?

No. If you have Implementation support as part of your SmartPath subscription, you will continue to receive these services through the subscription term. 

6. Will my data be shared with SmartVault? 

SmartPath has been acquired by SmartVault, therefore customer data, including profile and billing data is now owned by SmartVault. For information about how SmartVault uses customer data, please visit SmartVault Privacy Policy.  

For current SmartVault customers

7. How can I evaluate SmartPath to see if it’s right for my business? 

SmartVault customers interested in optimizing their current pricing model and expanding their Advisory services offering can learn more about SmartPath by visiting to schedule a demo or start a trial. Or by emailing

8. Are there plans for SmartPath to integrate with SmartVault?

The SmartPath and SmartVault applications currently operate independently and can be purchased separately. We are working with customers to assess the nature and extent of any future integrations between the applications to enhance our customers’ workflows.

9. I currently use Quoters to send proposals out to customers. How is SmartPath different from Quoters? 

SmartPath differs from Quoters in that it was uniquely built just for the accounting industry. It takes 89 services that tax and accounting firms can offer and leverages best practices from working with over 1,500 firms to maximize revenue for your firm while increasing client satisfaction. 

SmartPath goes beyond quoting with consultative sessions to better understand your firm’s goals.  

Quoters is an excellent out-of-the-box solution that supports end-to-end quoting for many non-tax and accounting workflows.

10. Can I purchase SmartPath through my SmartVault billing portal? 

Not yet. To purchase SmartPath, you will need to complete a separate subscription by opening an account on or by contacting