The Perfect Referral Marketing System for Tax Pros

By William Hamilton


This Perfect Referral Marketing System will give you the exact structure you should be using to maximize your referrals.

Following these Scripts will give you an easy process you can use with business and individual clients, regardless of how long you’ve been in practice.

Tax firms across the US have used these Scripts toincrease their revenue through referrals and deepened relationshipswith clientsWhen you need to customize your tax practice’s referral system.         

As soon as you start using these Scripts,

  • Develop a reliable process for consistently attracting new clients.
  • Implement and streamline a replicable referral system to increase the numberof referrals received                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

This system has three specific elements you’ll need to execute in your practice:

1. Fully educate clients.

2. Ask for referrals the right way.

3. Reward referral partners.


1. Fully Educate Your Clients

  • Clarify expectations, services, and costs.
  • Provide written materials for reference.
  • Actively engage clients to encourage successful referrals.
  • Ask for referrals the right way:


2. Ask for referrals the right way.

  • Begin with clients who align with criteria and offer opt-in/opt-out options.
  • Request referrals after providing value, avoiding the beginning of a relationship.
  • Request testimonials alongside referrals for added value.


3. Reward referral partners.

  • Avoid discounts to maintain service value; offer non-monetary rewards like tickets, gift cards, or gift baskets.
  • Create mutually beneficial arrangements encouraging active participation from both parties.
  • Uphold the integrity of pricing tied to the value of services to avoid perceived negotiation of prices.


Next Steps

1. Access to SmartPath and Get the Resources to access your Referral Process tools.

  • Get expert help to build out your 1-page referral guide.
  • Update your other referral tool templates to align withyour products and firm.
  • Compile a list of Tier-1 clients you want to reach out to first once you launch yournew products.
  • Compile a list of outside referral partners you want to set meetings with when you launch your new products.

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