The Beginners Subscription Pricing Guide©

By William Hamilton


When you need to feel confident about your pricing model…                                                                                                                                                              

Small tax and accounting firms need to optimize their pricing structures for increased margins and focus on enjoyable work.

We want to get you the Beginners Subscription Pricing Guide©

It will help you or any preparers in your firm follow one simple framework to use with your clients.

Over the last 14+ Years working with thousands of small firms, we developed the Perfect Subscription Process™ an it  has five specific elements you’ll need to execute to In your practice:

  1. Tie your subscription fees to strategic help.
  2. Identify areas in your current pricing that might need adjustment.
  3. Educate clients about the value of subscription pricing packages.
  4. Eliminate potential obstacles to pricing package success.
  5. Optimize your pricing menu to match the delivered value.

As soon as you start using this Guide:

  • You can help clients achieve their goals without stressing over tracking every minute of your time.
  • Tie your subscription fees to strategic help and the tax work you’ve been giving away for free.
  • Get a subscription price that matches your client’s needs.

1. Tie Your Subscription Fees to Strategic Help:

  • Acknowledge that clients seek expertise for more than just tax filing or accounting tasks.
  • Recognize that value extends beyond routine tasks to strategic guidance and tailored solutions.
  • Develop a structured process for delivering strategic help, including goal-setting, financial assessments, customized action plans, and ongoing support.

2. Identify Areas in Your Current Pricing for Adjustment:

  • Review the existing pricing structure comprehensively.
  • Segment clients based on needs, size, complexity, and industry.
  • Consider adding value with bundled services or features.
  • Evaluate various pricing models, such as hourly rates or fixed fees.
  • Communicate pricing changes transparently.

3. Educate Your Clients About the Value of Subscription Pricing Packages:

  • Regularly update clients through communication channels such as email or one-on-one meetings.
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of subscription pricing packages.
  • Emphasize the added value clients will receive by subscribing.

4. Eliminate everything that could cause your pricing packages to fail:

  • Identify potential obstacles to successful pricing transitions.
  • Address issues such as resistance from clients or internal challenges.
  • Streamline processes to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Provide support and resources for both clients and internal staff.
  • Continuously monitor and adjust strategies to overcome challenges.

5. Optimize your pricing menu to ensure it matches the value you’re delivering:

  • Continuously assess and refine pricing models based on client feedback.
  • Align pricing with the actual value delivered to clients.
  • Regularly update pricing to reflect changes in the market or service offerings.
  • Consider bundling services to enhance overall value perception.
  • Ensure that the pricing menu is easy for clients to understand and choose from.

Next Steps

Pricing your clients doesn’t have to be a nightmare…

  1. By following this guide, tax and accounting firms can expect to increase revenue, deepen client relationships, and provide clients with a better understanding of the value they bring. The focus is on aligning pricing strategies with the current business environment while delivering strategic help and fostering client satisfaction.

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2. We have a free pricing template to help you perfectly price any tax or accounting client in 3 easy steps. Simply follow the template to see the perfect subscription price you could be charging and would compensate you for all the help you’re giving away for free.

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