Increase your tax season margins in 90 seconds

By William Hamilton


Tax Season is exhausting.

It’s also the one time of year where you’ll interact with every one of your clients…

That’s why it’s the perfect opportunity to boost your margins for the rest of the year.

Here are the 3 ways we see small firms increase margins during tax season:

1. Offering an Upgrade to clients for next year

    • People can’t buy something you don’t offer it. Since every client will re-engage with you anyway when they do their taxes, you might as well offer them an upgrade.

    • This could be something like adding Tax Planning, Advisory Services, or simply offering to take over their bookkeeping for them so they don’t have to worry about it this year.

    • If you don’t at least offer the upgrade, you’re leaving money on the table from the clients who would say “Yes” simply because you offered!

    • We have a copy/paste email template you can use to send out the upgrade offer to all your clients in seconds.

2. Asking for a specific referrals

    • People are busy. They won’t make a referral unless you do the heavy lifting for them. You have to ask precisely who you want to meet in their life.

        • For example:
          “Do you know anyone who owns at least 1 investment property?” 

    • Then you need to compose the email or text they can send to introduce you, so literally, all they have to do is hit one button.

    • We can help you set up a referral system that’s pre-built and works in minutes if you want to use our proven templates.

3. Monetizing IRS notices

    • If you’re helping clients with IRS notices for free, you’re leaving money on the table.

    • We can help you implement a simple and affordable IRS notice offer that could generate $1,000’s of new revenue this season.

Remember, you deserve to be fairly paid for your work.
If you want access to the tools we mentioned – book a free call.

To your success!

Will Hamilton