Putting your Practice First: 3 Changes to Make Now

Putting your Practice First: 3 Changes to Make Now | SmartPath
Author: William Hamilton
July 22, 2021

You spend so much time focusing on your clients’ success. It’s time to focus that same energy into your own business. When you take the time to optimize your process, you create capacity and cultivate talent within your business that can get you ahead. It’s time to level up and establish yourself as a leader in the industry.


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The Tax & Accounting industry has seen unprecedented changes within the past year. As tax pros, you know your job is more than Tax Prep and “crunching numbers”. Do-it-yourself financial technology shook up the industry. New tax codes and a shifts in asset management, from investment apps to cryptocurrency have changed what clients seek when searching for a trustworthy tax and financial expert. 

So the question remains- how do you keep up? The truth is, this change is a catalyst for you to grow your business. 

Here are three simple steps you can implement in your practice right away:

1. Modernize and Monetize

With the rise of automated tax preparation services, firms must reformulate the way they do business to stay relevant. While technology can automate the transactional work, it is your job to turn that data into strategy. Your core purpose is to care about your client’s financial success. Many clients seeking tax prep help don’t understand the full scope of what a tax professional can do for their business. How do we make it more clear? 

Monetize every step of your process. Clients need to understand that they can come to you for two distinct services:

  • Historic Tax Preparation & Reporting
  • Analysis & Future Results Planning

This means that even if you have a client that chooses to automate their tax preparation, they are still inclined to hire you to take that process a step further with your Future Results Planning services. In outlining services through a customizable Package Menu, you are able to reach a larger scope of clients while also creating a clear plan for managing their accounts. 

Marketing can be a touchy subject for tax preparation businesses. Well, that’s okay! Marketing is not the end all be all to getting new clients. Whether you want to market your business or depend largely on word of mouth, having the right resources and materials for prospective clients is critical to your practice. 

A clear roadmap for your work helps clients understand your services. The Smart Path membership provides downloadable marketing materials, proposals and roadmaps, along with a pricing calculator to reformulate the way you do business. Learn More.

2. ISM Certification

Our Intelligent Solutions Management Certification provides you with the framework and tools to get your client relationships to the next level. Why? Because it is time to take your business outside of the scope of tax season. 

Your skillset can establish you as a critical asset to any start up, business, or individual that comes to you for help. Through the Smart Path training process, you will learn how to  create an action plan to achieve each client’s business or personal goals. This certification provides you with all of the tools, training, and technology necessary in offering year round services to your clients. We want to help you amplify your clients’ success, as well as your own.

3. Sustainably Building

So you’re ready to grow your practice and take on more clients. The next step is optimizing your hiring and staff onboarding tactics. 

Finding reliable and skilled staff preparers or accountants is harder than ever. Competition for talent is brutal right now. Having a growth system optimized for talent attraction & an efficient training process can give you the advantage you need. 

How does the Smart Path Portal help?

Our unique training system is created to streamline talent acquisition with training materials for new hires, check-ins to track progress, as well as job posting outlines for you to attracts the talent you need. 

The Smart Path Portal also contains a library of resources, tech tools and support for you and your entire team. We have carefully crafted our entire system to make it approachable and easy to implement within your existing framework. We also evaluate and recommend tools and software to automate HR & Payroll. 

Save time and access the best and most effective tools to grow your business today. 

  • Systematically increase your revenue.
  • Simplify your pricing and workflow. 
  • Onboard talent faster. 

Sound good? Then, a Smart Path membership may be right for you. 

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